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Do You Want To Reverse The Aging Process?

Losing stubborn fat as you age can be challenging. We make it easy.

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Trusted Weight Loss Expert

What We Do

Holistic Body Fat Spot Reduction

Our Laser Lipo Red Light Pads are FDA approved
to deeply penetrate and shrink fat cells so that you
no longer have to take on the risk pain and downtime
of invasive stomach procedures or get frustrated from
all your time & effort spent working out & dieting only
to be left with the same stubborn fat.

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Never Look Back Weight Loss

Many weight loss diets, pills, and injections
inadvertently reduce your metabolism, leading to
the dreaded yo-yo rebound effect and even worse weight gain.
With our Never Look Back 10-Week program, we focus
on boosting your metabolism and educating you on sustainable
eating habits tailored to your lifestyle. Say goodbye to
restrictive diets for good and embrace a way of eating
that allows you to enjoy real food without the need for
constant dieting.

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Increase Your Metabolism

Whether you naturally have a slower metabolism,
are navigating through menopause, or simply want
to expedite your results, our Weight Loss POD is
designed to ramp up your metabolism, facilitating
comprehensive full-body fat loss. Experience reduced
inflammation, fortified immunity, and enhanced
detoxification as you embark on your weight
loss journey.

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Contrast Therapy

The dynamic fusion of our hot treatments (Sauna & POD)
and cold therapy (cold plunge) works synergistically
to invigorate you from within, lifting your mood and
swiftly alleviating inflammation. Our comprehensive
approach has proven transformative for a wide range of
individuals, from professional athletes to baby boomers
grappling with arthritis, and those of all ages managing
autoimmune conditions. Our pain-free protocols, featuring
compression therapy, targeted tissue work, mobility
and flexibility exercises, along with contrast therapy,
have enabled many to significantly diminish pain,
reduce reliance on medications, and
even bypass surgeries altogether.

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Whether you’re battling with weight loss, anxiety,
relentless cravings, or any other challenge, the solution
isn’t merely a matter of logic, such as stopping certain
behaviors or popping another pill.  While medications can
provide relief, they’re often overprescribed, leaving patients
with a slew of medications as their final recourse.
These challenges are deeply rooted in underlying micro
and macro traumas, which, if left unresolved, persistently
impede progress. Through hypnosis, we bypass the critical
factor of the conscious mind, inducing profound relaxation
to tap into your subconscious, fostering deep healing and
sustainable transformation.

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Holistic Pain Free Protocols

From professional athletes recovering from sport to
baby boomers battling arthritis, as well as people of
all ages grappling with autoimmune diseases. Through
our specialized pain-free protocols, incorporating
compression therapy, targeted tissue work, mobility
and flexibility exercises, and contrast therapy, we’ve
achieved remarkable results. Many have experienced
substantial pain reduction, minimized dependence on
medications, and sidestepped the need for surgeries altogether.

Transform Your Body Holistically
With D-Fine’s Red Light Treatments

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