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Tracking the right metrics is a requirement for success in anything. However tracking the wrong metrics can lead to frustration and ultimately send you far down the wrong direction.

What To Track

Daily portions: I provide a super easy system of tracking your hand equivalents that you can fill out online, print out or just use the same system within the notes app of your phone. Daily Water intake

#of alcoholic drinks per week

# of workouts per week

# of cardio per week

# of sleep per night

# of stress release practices per week (I .e the 6 deep breathes I n the car) # of days you follow nutrition plan / # of untracked meals per week

Circumference measurements*: Waistline, hip, arms, legs etc,.

Clothes you want to fit Into or fit better Into:

I .e the jeans you can barely get over your hips or the dress or shirt you put on that I s very tight – track how those fit over time.

Body comp photos*  

What NOT To Track

How you “should” be doing. “Should” does not exist outside your own mind. All that matters is that you are here doing your best – WHATEVER that looks like.

Weight! There is way more to your body composition than just the number on the scale. Getting excited about a few lbs off / upset about the scale not moving or going up —- it’s all a waste of energy. Unless you’re competing at a high level or unless you are morbidly obese, the number on the scale literally doesn’t matter.

Most weight fluctuations on a day to day base up or down are most often caused by a variety-of reasons that have nothing to do w your body composition.

Things like hormones, inflammation, water retention etc., are influenced by everything from weather to stress to lack of sleep to hydration to what you ate / didn’t eat —- so many factors it merely impossible to pinpoint exactly what’s going on…

Your bathing suite could care less about your weight – what I t wants I s more muscle, less fat

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