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Here’s why:

Lets start with a more obscure reason…DECISION FATIGUE! We make 1000s of mini decisions throughout the day…our mind is constantly solving something and we are constantly thinking. Food happens to be one category we think more than anything about. Its no coincidence why people who do intermittent fasting and prolong fasting report they have more energy. In part its because their internal organs are getting a much needed break but another reason for this is because they’re not wasting precious energy thinking about what to eat/when they’re going to eat.

Another, more obvious reason we gain energy from meal prepping is because when you take the time to meal prep, you are likely going to include food with a higher nutrient content. Foods we eat on the go, especially from fast food and processed packaged foods are packed with sugar, artificial sugars, excess sodium and fat which causes energy crashes and bloating.

Plus, when you are meal prepping, you are doing something you know is good for your goals. Its a simple form of Self accomplishment which is an empowering feeling that makes you feel like you are moving closer to your goals.

Start SMALL!

Prep one meal I .e snack, breakfast or lunch then build from there. Think ahead about meal prepping so that you can leverage your time. Every time I  meal prep, I  am cooking/prepping at least 2-4 different meals for 2-3 days as it doesn’t require much extra time beyond what you are already allocating since things take time to cook.

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