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Cold plunge, or cold water immersion IS A GAME CHANGER! Especially  when combined with our Infrared Sauna through in our Contrast Therapy sessions!

Commercially Graded Cold Plunge

Don’t worry! We’re not going to throw you into the coldest water right away! Like everything else we offer at D-Fine from our holistic body fat spot reduction treatments, red light therapy to weight loss programs, hypnosis and everything else in between, we meet you where you are at and create the best possible program for your body & your needs!


Benefits of Cold Plunge

  • Boosts Metabolism for 24 Hours:
    • Cold exposure prompts your body to engage specific metabolic processes, including thermogenesis. During thermogenesis, your body generates heat to sustain its core temperature when exposed to cold conditions
  • Improved Circulation:
    • Cold water immersion can constrict blood vessels and then rapidly dilate them when the body warms up. This process, known as vasoconstriction and vasodilation, may help improve overall circulation.
  • Reduced Muscle Soreness and Inflammation:
    • Cold water can help alleviate muscle soreness and reduce inflammation. Athletes often use cold plunges as a recovery tool after intense physical activity.
  • Enhanced Recovery:
    • Cold exposure has been suggested to speed up the recovery process after exercise by reducing muscle damage and inflammation.
  • Increased Alertness and Energy:
    • Exposure to cold water may stimulate the release of adrenaline and increase overall alertness and energy levels.
  • Potential Calorie Burning:
    • The body expends energy to maintain its core temperature when exposed to cold. While the calorie burn is relatively modest, some people use cold exposure as a component of their weight management strategy.
  • Mood Improvement:
    • Cold water immersion may trigger the release of endorphins, leading to an improvement in mood and a reduction in symptoms of stress and anxiety.
  • Enhanced Immune Function:
    • Some studies suggest that regular cold exposure may have a positive impact on the immune system by increasing the production of certain immune cells.
  • Skin and Hair Health:
    • Cold water exposure can potentially improve the health of the skin and hair by promoting blood circulation and closing the pores, reducing the risk of acne and other skin issues.