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We help

Young parents

Who’ve fallen off their routine due to a lack of sleep, time, and motivation since parenting is a 24/7 job and the body does not always respond how we’d like.

Busy professionals

Who are constantly on the grind and immersed in their work but want to optimize their mind & body.


Who struggle with the lack of structure and want to age gracefully while remaining as active as possible. Over the past 16+ years, there is nothing I haven’t seen by way of chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, and the busiest of schedules.

Our program can work for you too even if:

✅ Your schedule is nonstop from the minute you wake until you close your eyes at night.

✅ You’ve got old injuries, physical limitations, and conditions that have made exercising difficult for you in the past.

Nothing has worked for you before.

Here’s the Deal:

👉 You’re not lazy. I can guarantee you do plenty each day.

❌ It’s not that you don’t want to achieve your goals…

🏅 You’re here because you want the results you deserve.

🚨 The reason other programs haven’t worked for you has nothing to do with YOU…

Other programs have not worked for you because they were not uniquely designed 100% for your goals, needs, and lifestyle.

Anything can work at first, but when you are unable to remain consistent, it’s clear that the program is not a good fit for your life.

Workouts are a very small part of your life, making up maybe 1 hour of a 24-hour day…

Rather than try to fit your life into a premade program, it’s far more effective to have a program designed to fit your life.

If you had a private chef making food for you, you’d be able to follow any meal plan, but most of us don’t have that luxury…

We’re faced with the seemingly impossible challenge of knowing what and how much to eat for your body and goals.

At D-Fine, our business is making the process simple and more enjoyable for you.

With our personalized coaching, you get:

  • 100% personally designed and individualized programs, broken down into four week phases with adjustments as needed, delivered in an easy-to-use app where all you have to do is hit START.
  • ‘Keep It Off’ coaching, providing full access to me so we can work through any issues or questions as soon as they arise so that you never plateau.
  • Weekly accountability check-ins to monitor your progress against your goals and make changes to keep you moving forward.
  • ‘Never Diet Again’ nutrition coaching where we make small changes at a time to learn the best way to eat for YOU. There are no restrictions and no questions about what to eat, when to eat, or how much to eat for you to hit your goals.