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FINALLY! Wellness That Easily Fits

Into Your Busy Schedule…

The D-FINE POD offers a holistic alternative to strenuous workouts. While we encourage you to be active, we recognize that in today’s fast-paced, high-stress world, it’s harder than ever to find the time and energy for intense workouts. Imagine basking in warmth inside your personal space without any annoyance or stress from the outside world, as your body heals from our exclusive – dynamic fusion of dry convection heat and Infrared Light.

Top 5 Fat Loss Benefits

Benefit #1: Increase Your Metabolism by up to 39%

😌Its a spa like experience where you lay into an ergonomic POD (with your head out) with both dry convection + infrared heat that will give your body the benefits of working out + sauna!

👉Each 25 minute session will increase your metabolism by 10-39% for 24 hrs, relieve pain, reduce inflammation, detoxify and much much more

🙋‍♀️ 🙋‍♂️ We are taking sessions as early as Thursday September 21st and are booking up quickly so DM us now if you’re interested!


The D-Fine POD’s revolutionizing weight loss through a concept called Passive Exercise where simply by laying down in our POD, the dual thermoboost heat along with the toe to neck lymphatic massage will increase your metabolism along with many other benefits you’d get from exercise without any effort!

We are taking sessions as early as Thursday September 21st and are booking up quickly so DM us now if you’re interested!

Benefit #3: A normal fat cells contain glycerol, triglycerides, and fatty acids.

However whenever there is an area with stubborn fat and/or an area that is higher in fat, then its likely that cell contains a high amount of toxins. A high degree of toxicity doesn’t just make it difficult for you to lose in that area, high toxicity is a precursor to cancers & diseases. In addition to increasing your metabolism, The D-Fine POD will also rid your body of heavy toxins so you can break free your weight loss plateau and cleanse your system!

Benefit #4: Break the cycle of chronic inflammation by heating the body up and improving your body’s internal stress response aka improve your immune system.

Inflammation is created by your immune system and sends out what are called cytokines. A cytokine is an agent that the immune system sends out and that agent It’s intended to use its heat-inducing properties to kill what it perceives as an invasive agent in our body. Because of our modern society, we created lots of chemical pollutants and aberrations that today aren’t considered a virus, bacteria, a fungus, or a parasite. This all wreaks havoc on your immune system…

The body is sending out all these cytokines to try to kill, and so that creates the inflammation intended to destroy what it perceives as a problem. This is ineffective because it continues to send out and send out and send out, and that’s what causes chronic inflammation that never stops because the immune system keeps getting the signals that it’s a problem…

And that’s the response, that’s how we try to cure ourselves.

The dual thermoboost from our PODS produce enough heat to stop the body from sending out cyclotides…basically the heat signals your hypothalamus to say it’s doing its job so you get relief for a period of time and you’re breaking the cycle of the chronic inflammation by heating the body up and stimulating it with our causing and we’re using the technology to do that.

Our monthly POD memberships start for as little as $129 (on sale right now) so that you can come frequently enough to create a regular change in inflammation as well as benefit from the passive exercise component of the PODS!

Benefit #5: Improve your sleep with passive stress!

You ever wonder why your body sleeps better after a really hot day and/or good workout?

It’s because your body has to respond to the elevated core temperature generated by heat and by the workout which creates a need for your body to then recover which makes sleep much easier to come by!

So not only will you enjoy a relaxing – sensory deprivation experience from the POD itself, you’ll sleep better each subsequent night.

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