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There’s an interesting dichotomy between outcome and process. You hear a lot about process and why we should focus on it. I talk about it a lot as well. But I can tell you that it wasn’t always about the process.

It’s hard to be far from the outcome and to enjoy the process. That’s a hard mindset shift. And look, I do think there’s a dichotomy because results are important as is performance. But I think the better question is how are we defining results. Cause defining results doesn’t equate to the outcome you think you need.



I define results as what gives you fulfilment. And now fulfilment, I would say is how you feel inside about your external efforts. When you have that it doesn’t matter what the exact outcome cause you’re appreciating what you’re putting forth.

And so, what I would encourage you to think- it is just in this moment right now whatever doesn’t seem like it’s going right, start to be open to maybe there is something you’re not looking at you’re not seeing. And whatever you’re forcing, what if you step back?


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