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So, this past weekend at Mr. Natural Universe in Tampa came in 7th place, and as such, I got a 7th place trophy. I mean, what the hell? Why is there a 7th-place trophy? Kids should not get it; adults should not get it.

Look, you either win or you don’t, and that’s OK. But we’re sending the wrong message to people if we think, “Hey, you deserve to get something just because you participated.” No, you win, or you don’t. If you don’t win, that’s OK. But we’re sending the wrong message.

I don’t need a damn trophy to feel good about my efforts. I know what I did. I feel good about what I did. I don’t need a trophy. We need to teach kids. We teach adults to internally reflect on their efforts.

Either they work their butts off and they should feel good about it, or they didn’t, and they need to work harder next time. But one way or the other needs to be a lesson and needs to be reflection and acknowledgment of effort or lack thereof, not just some participation trophy. Come on, baby.

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