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Find a meaningful yet worthwhile challenge and pursue it. Something that is hard. Something that is difficult, something that scares you. And by the way, if you’re, “Oh I’m not scared of anything!” You’re full of shit! Everybody has fear. That is OK. Fear is the best form of fuel there is on this planet. It is what’s going to drive you to step outside your comfort zone and become a better version of yourself to get closer to the challenge.

Getting to the actual challenge doesn’t matter, and you know this to be true. There are things in your life that you wanted so bad. Think about the moment you got it, what happened? You probably enjoyed it, but then what happened? You wanted the next thing. That is how we are wired.


And so, when you set a goal, it’s about the journey to get there and that helps you level up, because when it’s a challenge, by definition it means you are not at that level yet. Think about a video game. In the end of a video game, you beat a boss and you go to the next level because you keep extending. That is what it’s like in life.

So, find something. It could be, it could be as simple as let’s just say you’re inconsistent with your workouts. It could be, being consistent for three months because it should be at least three months out. It could be training for a mini triathlon, a 5K, a contest, competition. Does not matter. Set a goal and pursue it.

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