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Even eating fruits + vegetables 3x per day doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting enough micronutrients. Do your best to incorporate as many vegetables as you can during your feedings. When cooking, look for opportunities to add extra veggies in I .e add onions and bell peppers to your protein on the grill/stove top or in the oven. When eating out, look for options with veggies in the main dish and opportunities to double up on veggies or replace a carbohydrate with a veggie (depending on weight loss goals). I’ll often order a veggie omelet and double up protein as a way to ensure I  get enough nutrients. 

Here are some quick tips:

  • Keep fruits like berries, apples and oranges on hand to add to your breakfast/lunch and snacks.
  • Aim to eat a variety of colors.
  • Start cooking your proteins with a veggie.
  • Make a side salad a must every time you eat dinner 

If you are eating less than 3 servings a day regularly, make sure you are at least taking in a super greens supplement daily which by the way should taste exactly as it sounds. If a greens shake tastes super sweet then be wary.

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