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Just finished working out. Let me tell you something. There was nothing about me wanting to workout today. And you know what, most days it’s like that. And yet, I read my client checkins, I talk to people and they’re working out.

They’re finding a way to get it done despite their crazy schedule, and yet, they’re hard on themselves. Say man, “I just don’t have the energy to push super hard”

Or, “I feel like I could have done better” “Oh! It’s not doing enough”

And the reality of it is there is no cadence that’s sustainable. That’s like 100% hard as a mother each and every time you show up. In fact, those are maybe the 20% of the workouts. But what’s gonna get you the best result is consistency. It’s showing up and doing the best no matter where you’re at each day.

Your best each day is a moving target. Some days, you might have a very high ceiling. Other days, it might be lower. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you show up on any given day and do what you can, and give yourself credit for it.

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