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This is one of the biggest problem that I see with people. They start off their fitness journey or not even starting off. They have a goal they’re actively working towards. So let me know if this resonates. It’s that they have this idea of what they need to do. The ‘what they should do’, I hate that word’should’.

There ain’t no should. There’s just is and there isn’t. So screw should, screw try.



But back to the point, you’ve got to allow yourself to be human. In this world we live in today, there is more stress, way more stress and more chaos than the human at this stage of development is ready to handle given all that we have going on.

And so, the idea that you’re gonna be perfect with your workouts, you eat perfect with your nutrition is silly. I know it comes from a good place but I can tell you under that place is fear, and we’ve got to overcome that fear. And the only way to overcome that fear is through self-acceptance. Give yourself the grace of imperfection.


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