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No matter what store, fast food place or Resturaunt you go into, there’s always a healthier decision you can make. I encourage you to apply the “Good – Better – Best” approach whenever eating on the go to minimize damage.

Think of “good” as making a decision that has the intention of a healthy choice.

“Better” would be optimizing that decision as much as possible.

“Best” would be the best possible choice.

For example, you’re out & about, starving and there’s a fast food place you are thinking about going into:

A “Good” decision would be ordering a salad with protein.

A “better” decision would be pouring out 3/4 of their packages dressing and diluting rest with water.

The “best” decision would be waiting to get home.*

*you can make the “best” decision on the go it just requires preparation. For instance, packing powders for a shake or a meal to take along with you.

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