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○ Making conscious decisions: You have to be intentional about what you put in your mouth. Its okay to have “dirty food” so long as you’re aware and present. Its too easy to just let the car drive you to a fast food drive through, or habitually pour your self a glass of wine or cup of ice cream. Again, none of these things are inherently bad so long as you are in control and choosing to partake v.s mindlessly consuming calories. 

○ Better understand the calorie cost of food: use an app like my fitness pal to track your food if for no other reason you can start to understand how many calories you are eating and where most your calories are coming from. Just please, DO NOT FOLLOW ANY BS 12OO CALORIE ARBITRARY DIET. 

○ Know that NO ONE can tell you the best way to eat outside of YOU. Be honest with what you’re eating/drinking and set a goal that matches that commitment and reflects on what’s working / what’s not I .e when you overeat, what were you feeling before? What did you feel during? After? When you were bloated, what did you have before that could of caused the bloat?

It pays to have a plan as to how much you need to eat, when you eat, what you eat when etc,. A plan allows you freedom to eat off plan v.s no plan at all, you are constantly up against guilt and shame for what you eat/not eat. If you’d like help with a meal plan, hit reply.

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