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I get it. You wanted results yesterday. You started working out. You started eating clean. And you expect to be exactly where you’re at, and every single day, you compare yourself to where you wanna be but you’re not there- you shame yourself.

You get frustrated.

But you gotta change that mindset. Here’s why: When we paint you like this, imagine you’re climbing a mountain like I did Kilimanjaro a few years ago. It’s 19,000 feet in the air. A lot of air changes happen over that period of time. Well, if I were to just take a helicopter to get me up to the top of the mountain to the summit, my lung capacity, my system would not be able to handle thin air. So what happens is when you climb the mountain you acclimatized. You go up, you go down. You go up a little bit more, come down a little bit.

So when you get to the top when you get to that thin air you get to the summit your body is ready to handle that.

And so the point is you can get to your goal as fast as you can through dieting and surgery. But if you don’t know how to sustain those goals and sustain where you’re at, you’ll never be able to be healthy.

Stay there, and be where you wanna be.

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