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There’s a window of time. When there’s a thing that you wanna do and it’s fresh on your mind. You think about it and you’re ready. You’re motivated to do the thing.

If you don’t act on it then that window closes. And what happens is it gets pushed back and other garbage enters the front of your mind. It makes excuses and it makes sometimes reasonable and rational excuses as to why you can’t. Why now is not a good time.

And that thing that you wanted to do gets pushed back and pushed down. It doesn’t go away. But what happens is it creates resentment because deep down inside you know it’s important to you but you’re not doing it.

And so there’s this like tug internally. There’s this internal conundrum. This force that’s going- opposing each other. So the best way to counter that is to just do a little bit of the thing that you wanna do.

Doesn’t have to be workout every day but it can be workout three days a week or 5 minutes a pop. And doesn’t have to change your diet completely but it can be start drinking half your body weight in ounces of water per day. Or make sure you eat a protein every meal.

There’s always a little you can do more than you’re doing right now. Work on that.

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