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I say this with peace and love. I’m gonna say no offense,  ya’ll can’t take offense. But either way, I don’t give a shit cause this needs to be said.

If you are telling yourself and telling other people that you don’t have enough time to exercise, what you’re really saying is you don’t prioritize your health. That’s just it. There’s no other way around it. 

The reality is this, you have 5 minutes of workout, I know you do. Don’t bullshit me. You have 5 minutes to move and there’s no shortage of millions and millions of exercises you can find online to do. In fact, you probably know a couple right now. 

So let’s just have an honest conversation with that. Because here’s a problem, if you don’t have that honest conversation if you don’t face it, if nobody puts your feet to the fire, then what’s gonna happen? 

Well, you’re gonna age in an unhealthy way. You will be more likely to get and suffer disease and sickness. You will be more likely to fall. You’ll be more likely to get to a point as you age that you’re not going to be living a quality of life that you’re gonna enjoy. You’re gonna have a very hard time doing simple everyday tasks.

Don’t believe me? Just wait and do nothing. Or take action today!

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