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The other day, I was talking to a buddy, and he was being vulnerable. He’s like, “Dude! I got some insecurities.” He was very timid to say it which I appreciate because I think, especially, for us dudes, it’s very hard for us to admit we have vulnerability and insecurities.

But whatever it was I told him, “Dude! That’s not an insecurity that’s you being human.” Insecurity is thinking you don’t have an insecurity or really, it’s not thinking it. It’s essentially acting as if you do not have an insecurity and holding it in.

Every single person on earth has insecurities. That’s part of being humans. It’s what makes you- YOU! So don’t judge yourself.

The problem here is that we judge ourselves way too harshly. We think we should be something else. We see somebody online like, “Oh! They’re so confident.” I can guarantee you that person has their bag of shit that they’re either working on or they’re hiding from. But the other problem is we feel bad for ourselves.

Look! You’re human. This is part of the game. So, own it and move forward with grace.

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