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Please join me in giving a shout out to James, JC Transformation’s Member of the Month!

I’ve been working with James for almost 6 months now, he’s lost weight, inches and has dramatically increased his eating habits but what I’m most proud of with James is his mindset shift.

James had been battling his weight and belief in Self most his life due to countless traumatic* situations from a young kid to an adult. ***James btw did not outwardly classify these circumstances as traumatic but they were.

This is something I  know some many other people have dealt with, whether from their environment growing up, coaches, Dr’s, kids at school, personal trainers, bosses etc,.

I’ve found that behind every weight loss story there are a string of traumatic events that have never been processed… Its no wonder why so many people yo-yo…

More on James Accomplishments:

NO MORE SELF SABOTAGE! James has completely changes the way he handles stress: He use to comfort eat, now we put the tools in place so he no longer feels the urge.

When work picked up or personal stress increased in the past, he’d quit….not anymore. Now James finds a way to stay on track without the self-inflicted pressure of “all or nothing.”

A lot of people talk about wanting to understand nutrition/know how to eat but VERY FEW people actually commit to learning. The dude was taking up at 5:00 am

(he’s on PST) to attend my Saturday morning nutrition seminars for my clients. Then on his own, has been studying the material just so he could gain a better understanding.

He’s very coachable: He follows the plan and lets me know if something is not working for him so we can adjust.

Proud of you brother and look forward to continuing working with you!

You can check out more about the program James is enlisted in and hear more about this story on my website:

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