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Transform Your Body Holistically

NO Surgery. NO More Pills. No more Plateaus

Dear Glastonbury Lifestyle Magazine Readers,

Hello! 🌟 We wanted to send you a big thank you for visiting our website for our Wellness Center. We are a local company right here in Glastonbury CT, on 99 Citizens drive right off of Hebron avenue, across from Oakwood drive!

At our wellness center, we offer holistic interventions to help you shortcut the otherwise long and frustrating weight loss & fat loss process. 

We are the place you come when you are tired of not seeing the results you deserve, don’t want to take more pills or when the only option seems like surgery. 

Or if you are someone who just wants to fully optimize your health. 

We offer:

  • Red Light Body Fat Spot Reduction to shrink the fat in any area you want to target. 
  • The D-Fine POD makes your metabolism go zoom, boosts your immunity and reduces inflammation. 
  • Lymphatic Drainage through our Normatec Compression Therapy, Vibration Plate Therapy & our POD has a lymphatic massage built in too!
  • Infrared Sauna with wall to wall Himalayan Salt Panels, Gem Stone Emitters, Chromolights and as much heat as you can handle (unlike the typical low heat infrared saunas) where you can just sit n relax or do a guided workout/stretching routine in the actual sauna!
  • Hypnosis for any negative internal or external pattern that you want to get rid of!
  • Weight loss and performance coaching to help you be at your best!

The next step would be for us to schedule a time for us to chat! Please fill out the form below!