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I just got off from a coaching call with a client and she was really hard on herself. She’s like going through the shame cycle of how she keeps making the same mistake over and over. And she thinks she has to be disciplined. She thinks how she just set herself up for failure. She’s not feeling good. And this is all because she just made a few little mistakes.

Here’s the deal, everybody is bat shit.

You! Yeah you! Me. Him. There’s actually nobody there. If there were, he would be too. Trust me. Everybody has their own shit. Their own issue.

We all get in our way from time to time. The difference is some of us are just able to realize, “Hey, it’s okay!” Let that shit go and move forward.

But the more you sit into your self-pity of, “OH! I can’t do this” “What’s wrong with me?” BLAH. BLAH. BLAH. The more you’re gonna see the same thing repeat itself time and time again. So, look, you can continue to do that or just decide, “You know what? I’m a messy human” Don’t let that be an excuse to just not do anything different and just be unproductive.

But let it be a reason for you not to shame yourself and to realize, “Yes! You are human. You’re a messy human. We all are!” And that’s okay. So, when you make a mistake, the worst thing you can do is sit in this thing is like that old adage, ‘How to get out of a hole? Well, you stop digging.’

Stop making yourself feel worse and start climbing out. One step at a time.

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