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I was just thinking and it’s like this idea of having another kid is just so damn exciting. And I just think about I want them to know early on that it is just okay to be human. Like you’re gonna mess up, there’s gonna be times you feel bad for no good reason. You’re gonna have moments where you feel like you fail. People are gonna say mean shit.

You’re gonna want things that you don’t get, like things that you don’t expect they’re gonna happen that aren’t gonna be seen as positive. But that’s okay. It’s just part of being human. I just think that it’s just an amazing opportunity that we can teach younger people that it’s okay to fail, it’s okay to be messy, and it’s just part of living. And just instead teach them, equip them- not to like coddle them. I think that’s the problem. It’s just direction of like, “Oh! You can’t hurt their feelings…you can’t get cut.”

No! That is not good. It’s just not good. That’s not how the world works. You can’t say that that’s the way the world works. If you think that so, try being an entrepreneur, try to get a job that pays really well these days- you’re not just gonna walk into any opportunity. You gotta fight for it. You gotta have experience. We only have experiences that have ups and downs. We challenge to, “Fail and get back up and learn from those lessons.” That’s the only way you get better. 

And so, I’m not saying the other end, we should beat kids. My point is that the pendulum just swings in these opposite directions. It’s over correction, and what we really need to understand is that the lesson is just that human beings are human beings and that’s just what it is, we’re not robots. 

So yes, you have shit. You’re gonna fuck up but don’t sit in it. Like okay, there’s only one way to get out of a hole and it’s not by continually digging. So yeah, realize that you’re in a hole. Stop what you’re doing reflect and let yourself feel what you feel. But then there’s the only way, one way out, and it’s one thing at a time. What’s the very next best thing you can do? There’s always something better than nothing that you can do.

So you do that thing and obviously, I mean this stuff’s a passion to me so I gotta be careful. I’m not gonna like be a motivational speaker to my kids but I do think it’s important to set expectations of what you know and what life is really about. But also what they’re capable of and to let them know at a very young age that they can accomplish anything that they want no matter whatever it is. They just have to work for it and it’s not gonna be an easy path but they can 100% do it. 

And if they can understand at a young age just think about how that materializes. I couldn’t even imagine and so I don’t know. I just got really excited about it. Some people be like, “Oh gosh! These poor kids.” But nah, I get it. But it’s also true like the other thing that I’ve been thinking a lot about is one thing that, you know, we named our dog, Buddha, because we wanted something to like settle us down and it did. Buddha is significantly settled down as I think about all the times I’ve stopped to just give her a kiss or hug her or play with her even just because you have to take her out. It slows you down in some respect you can’t just do whatever you want, and then man, having a kid. 

Wow! Is there anything better? And then in slowing down you realize, “Oh these moments” Like this is freaking precious. This is priceless. And so, where I was going was that you gotta have those moments where it’s just living and just enjoying. There wouldn’t be good moments if there weren’t for bad moments. And so, it’s just to look at things differently and I guess what I’m really trying to say, to say this stuff is not the expectation that they’re going to be perfect children or I’m a perfect parent. No… It’s not what it is.

It’s okay, either side. It’s okay if you win, it’s okay if you lose. As long as you realize you don’t need to identify as either like, life is about growth which is challenging yourself outside your comfort zone, and once you do that there is nothing you can’t do. And man, what a beautiful place we would be if people thought more about themselves in that regard and less about mirroring their own insecurities out to the world and just arguing and fighting for arguing and fighting sake. Just because you can send a mean message online and hurt someone’s feelings. That shit needs to change and the only way I really know how to do that is if each of us looks inward. 

That’s a tall order it’s never gonna happen. It never has happened. This isn’t new by the way the civilization. This is how civilization has always been. There’s always been polarity. It’s just that social media made things accelerated as it has with everything else.

So it’s gonna be there but there’s also like, would you rather instill things like little seeds I can grow into something enormously beautiful and amazing? Or just allow the world to plant weeds in them? Because the world’s gonna do it. Unless we counteract it.

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