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What’s up guys! Here in the green room at Channel 3, which is actually getting half of its green, not the whole thing is green. But I figured, you know, you gotta do the green wall with the green room. But anyway, I thought of you because I was like, man, it’s been a week almost. I haven’t even posted anything on social media and made me think about routine and falling out of routine.

I’ve been so laser-focused on building up a new business. We’re getting ready to launch, but also, you know, just dad life, got a baby on the way, a ton of things! Like I don’t need to bore you with, but my own workouts. 

What I realized for myself is I can get really laser-focused, no pun intended, on very specific things. And other things that are not built into a solid routine will fall off. And I see this happen so often with people and their fitness, so I highly encourage you regardless of what your goals are and how busy you are right now. 

Think about what it is that you wanna accomplish and dial back your expectation tenfold. Find one way for you to get started with something you can commit to on a regular basis, three to five days a week. I’m telling you; 5-minute workouts go a long way. Start where you can. 

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