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Girl, stop apologizing. 

No, but really, I can’t tell you how many clients have had a bad week. Not just girls, but guys as well. Who will apologize; Sorry, I didn’t do more workouts. Or sorry I messed up my diet. No, that’s all good. That’s completely normal. Apologize to nobody. 

The question is what’s the minimal viable thing we can do to create some progress moving forward? What do we need to adjust? That maybe is too much right now so that you can continue to do the things that are gonna get you closer to your goals. That’s all we gotta look at. 

So don’t be hard on yourself, and don’t think you need to apologize to anybody. This is all about you. Remember that. Don’t ever forget it. And from there, we’ll see what we can do, and we’ll move forward, upward, and onward. Always, baby. Stop apologizing!

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