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One of the problems that most of us struggle on any journey is we think about where we wanna end up. So you think about whatever your goal is- that’s the equivalent of like 60 to 100 percent. Sometimes even double percentage higher than where you are right now. That is a significant amount of change that needs to take place for you to get there.

Whereas, if you could focus on “How can I just do what I’m doing right now like 5 percent better?”

Just that little bit- even 1 percent better. It sounds silly but that little bit of change can make a significant impact by way of the stress and the pressures that you’re putting on yourself day in and day out. When you’re focusing on that massive change you think you need to make. You don’t need to make that big of a change.

Here’s what happens as you make 1 percent change, you make 5 percent change, whatever it is, you create forward momentum. And so overtime, 5 become 6, 6 become 7. And all of a sudden, you’re farther along than you ever thought you would be with a lot less effort and a lot less stress.

So take that little step today…

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