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Wake up earlier and workout first thing before the distractions start.
Now I  know you are probably thinking, well no shit, Sherlock or perhaps something more eloquent…Either way, I  know its not some groundbreaking tip but if you are inconsistent with your workouts, what’s your alternative?
Oh let me guess, after XYZ event at work or after the holidays, then you are going to get consistent?
Really though? How has that thinking worked for you up to this point?
The reality is you are busy now and you will be busy again (likely for the rest of your life), don’t you want to learn how to make it work when you’re busy?
I know how hard sleep is and how crazy life can me. We now have an infant and a toddler, I  just started a new business and we have plenty of life stuff to blame as well. The only way I  can stay consistent with my workouts is to workout first thing in the morning.. Here’s how:

Step 1: Commit!

Plan to wake up earlier for the next week. It will be harder for you to go to bed early enough so the first few days, you’ll likely go to bed later than ideal to wake up early to train but after a week, your body adjusts and you will start to go to sleep earlier.

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Step 2: Remove friction

Get rid of whatever potential excuses you can make. For example, rather than drive to the gym, workout at home. Rather than expect to be motivated to figure it out or find the right workout, create or a buy a plan that removes all guess work. Find a time above 2 minutes that you are willing to commit. Not having enough time is a fallacy. We all know you have 2 minutes…I  guarantee you have 30 minutes but that could be a lot to start so plan on 10 minutes.

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Step 3: Prepare

Starting tonight (so that you can workout tomorrow),set clothes aside, set an alarm (or 5 – whatever works), have your coffee machine ready to go. I’ll make extra coffee the day before and refrigerate it then drink it as a cold brew the next day or set an alarm on your coffee machine.

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Step 4: Replace “can’t” or “don’t” with “won’t.”

Next time you say, “I  can’t ” or “don’t’ just say what you actually mean… you won’t. Everyone has 24 hours in a day. The longer you tell yourself these fallacies, the more you will suffer from the byproducts.

Step 5: Just freaking do it!

Start tomorrow. I  don’t care how hard you train,it literally doesn’t matter. Frequency trumps intensity every day of the week. Do what you can and count it as a win.
While waking up earlier is the easiest way to build consistency, the most effective is to have skin in the game with NO BS program and/or Coach who will not let you fail. Get some skin the game by investing in yourself with a program – you will not regret it…trust me. But you will regret not working out more….just wait until bathing suite season rolls around OR worse, years from now when you feel like its too late and too overwhelming…you will of wished you did what you could get going and stay going.
If you are sick n tired of wishing/wanting and shaming yourself for not doing, respond back to this email now. We can get you set up with a program that matches your lifestyle that will get you results fast.

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