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I cannot stop yawning. I hate working out at night, especially when it’s super dark out, which it is and I’m exhausted. We just had a baby a few days ago and that has turned our entire schedule and lives upside down in the best possible way. Like that is 100% priority, but I share this video. Cause I’m about to go workout as much so I don’t wanna workout as much as I’m yawning.

I share this because so often I see people get derailed when big life events happen. Now look, taking care of your significant other, taking care of your kids. Those are 100% priorities when you have a baby, without question. But that being said, there are always gaps. There are always gaps, and the more time, the more lapse that goes between when you stop and then whenever you think about starting again, it’s too much time.

So, I encourage you to do this. This is what I’m about to go do, don’t give a F and that’s the earmuffs. We’re just gonna do that F don’t give it. It doesn’t sound right. Don’t give a shit. How’s that? Better? In between?

Don’t give a shit about how hard you go, how well or how good it looks. Let it be messy. In fact. Go for messy. Aim for messy. Don’t aim for 100%. Aim for 20%. Don’t go for an hour, aim for 10 minutes. Just freaking do something and you know what? You will feel better. And be happy that you did because it’s that 10 minutes that was gonna bleed into the next day or the next few days when you get another one in, but if you don’t, that’s gonna bleed into months, sometimes years before you know it, it’s gonna be way too long and then wish you started earlier, so get after it.

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