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Parents out there, here’s the hard truth about the guilt of when you spend time to work out and it takes away time from spending time with your kids. Look, I get it. And yes, 100% the most important thing is nurturing and taking care of your kids without question.

But here’s the point- is that if you’re not taking care of yourself that then trickles down to your kids. They’ll see that and the greatest thing you can give to your kids other than unconditional love is the idea that, ‘Hey! No matter what life throws at you and how busy you are being in a fitness routine is 100% necessary for life.’

And here’s what we know, if you’re overweight as a kid you’re likely to be overweight as an adult. If parents are overweight kids are likely to be overweight. These are just facts of life. And so, good parenting is showing your kids that no matter what, even if it’s a 5-minute workout, no matter how busy you are, you show.

Cause, “Hey! Daddy and mommy is gonna go exercise for a few minutes!” This is important part of your life. You dial that into their brain through your behavior and their life will change for the better.

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