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This is where you are right now. And there’s where you would like to be.

The more we focus on where we’d like to be, the further away you’re gonna get. There’s no bypassing the process. In other words, whatever you’re going through right now, if you’re struggling with motivation, energy, just discipline. Whatever it might be for you- not finding the right workouts, right diet.

Whatever that is for you- you’re in process. And until you start looking at it as such, you’re going to keep moving further and further away. It’s not supposed to come easy. If it did, as you know, everybody would be healthy and be happy, and energetic.

I believe part of our life’s mission is to find out how to best optimize our own bodies from a nutritional and a physical standpoint. And so, if you can have this mindset shift from shaming yourself as the way you’re not and instead appreciating where you are.

Your life will start to change for the better.

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