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Voice Dialogue is a modality created by two psychotherapists, Hal and Sidra Stone, that helps people explore their psyche to address conflicting emotions and thought patterns.

Within each of us are numerous subpersonalities. The Stones theorized that each sub-personality behaves like a real person and has its own beliefs, characteristics, rules, and behaviors. The Stones’ identified two major types of sub-personalities: primary selves and disowned selves.

Often when your life is out of balance, you keep falling into the same negative cycles (i.e., yo-yo weight loss) or fall victim to self-sabotage, it’s likely a primary part(s) is running the show. The tendency is to blame oneself when really it’s not that there’s anything wrong with you but rather a part of you has taken control.

Usually, when you feel torn between two major life decisions, it is that two opposing sub-parts (a primary and a disowned) within you are at odds.

The work is done by having a facilitator help you increase the knowledge and awareness of your inner selves so that your highest, true self can be in control.

Think of your sub-personalities as an orchestra. When your internal space feels chaotic, it’s as if all the instruments within the orchestra were playing freely. The goal is to create harmony and this is done by the conductor taking control of the orchestra, signaling when each instrument plays its part as EVERY part is equally important and must be treated as such.

The goal from Voice Dialogue is to get you in the seat of the conductor, having full control of all your parts.

It’s very common for the inner critic to be a primary part of so many of us, constantly calling out our weaknesses and insecurities. It’s magical what can happen when you learn more about your inner critic, find out where they came from, what their role is, and make friends with them.

This is not therapy, it’s mind training to bring about awareness of what exists within you and is a very powerful way to gain clarity, self-control, and self-love.