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I know. You got a lot going on, you’re busy. The world is chaotic and uncertain. But here’s what I also know- the more time you allow between doing the thing that you know you need to do or wanna do, the greater the space will be between you and ever doing and achieving.

Whatever that thing is!

It’s Parkinson’s Law. Work expands the time you allow for it. So when we say, when XYZ happens, I’ll do it or now’s not a good time. Or next week, next month- whatever.

We say things like that- we’re just pushing it out, we’re expanding, we’re kicking a tire down the road. Whereas, when you said deadlines, you make a list and don’t just get stuck in a list because it can’t end there and that’s not enough.

But you just say, “what is the smallest minimal viable step I can take today to move myself closer?” And then go off and do that. Even if it’s just 30 minutes, even if it’s just 10 minutes, even if it’s just something.

That is where things start to change, and you find more time.

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