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Are you tired of struggling to weight and lose inches off specific areas of your body?

Well, YOU are in the right place!

Look no further than the D-Fine Difference Red Light Therapy Treatment, a safe and effective body fat spot reduction solution for body contouring without the need for needles or surgery.

Before your first Red Light Treatment, it’s important to follow a few guidelines for optimal results:

  • Wear a bathing suit or disposable undergarments for the red light to make direct contact with your skin.
  • We recommend wearing comfortable clothes to your appointment that you can easily put on and take off however we do have a bunch of patients who come directly from work.
  • Avoid creams or lotions on any areas to be treated
  • Avoid alcohol and soda on the day of treatment
  • You can have caffeine however make sure to have at least three cups of water per caffeine beverage you have before your treatment.
  • It’s also recommended to drink a lot of water leading up to your treatment and to reduce fat & carbohydrate intake leading up to your treatment.

What To Expect From Your Red Light Experience At D-Fine Mind & Body Wellness:

One of our female Red Light techs will greet you in the hallway right up the short stairwell once you walk into the building.

From there, the Tech will make sure that you filled out your intake form we sent to you. This form must be done before your treatment. Please fill it out before you arrive or otherwise we will need to take that time away from your treatment as our schedule is generally full and its not fair for our patients to have to wait.

You’ll be brought into our relaxing treatment room where you’ll derobe. Once you derobe, you’ll ring a bell that will let the tech know you are ready! We kindly ask that you do your best to quickly derobe/put on your clothes to be respectful of the patients who come in after you.

Once derobed, ring the bell provided and our female tech will come in to apply the Red Light pads to the trouble areas you want to target!

During the treatment, you’ll lie on a treatment bed with the pads placed over the areas to be treated. The system will be turned on and you may feel a slight warming sensation, but no pain or discomfort. Many patients even fall asleep during the session!

Once the machines turn off, just ring the bell again and our techs will then come in, take off the pads.

You’ll put your clothes back on and we’ll escort you to the Result’s room for your Vibration therapy which will help flush the system of the contents of your fat cells and we’ll take your after measurements!

As an added bonus starting on or before February 7th, 2023, we will have an air bike in our Results room for patients who want an even greater benefit from their treatment to do one of our 4 minute fat burning protocols!

After your treatment, it’s important to drink plenty of water to flush your system and to wait two hours before eating. Many patients report improved sleep, reduced aches and pains, and increased hydration. Additionally, our Red Light Therapy patients have found our Red Light Treatment extremely effective at reducing pain and inflammation, increasing blood circulation, and rejuvenating the skin by stimulating collagen and elastic production.

How Our Red Light System Works

Our Red Light System has patented pads that wrap around your trouble areas, with reflective coating that trap a high concentration of Red Light. The Red Light penetrates the fat cell, releasing fat into the lymphatic system and processing it through the liver. Results vary from patient to patient, but all patients lose inches even after their first visit! For best results, we recommend committing to a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise in addition to treatment.

Does Red Light Therapy Body Contouring Work For Everyone?

Yes! Although patients with a higher metabolic rate are better able to excrete the fat cells, we have programs in place to help individuals with slower metabolism increase their metabolic rate.

What Are The Drawbacks To Red Light Therapy?

Unlike other body contouring like CoolSculpting or machines that use actual laser, our system is safe and has no side effects, and can target any part of the body including the hips, waist, thighs, back, upper arms, and neck.

How Much Weight Do You Have To Lose?

Its important to note that Red Light Therapy by itself, without the right exercise & nutrition intervention, will reduce body fat and there is generally weight loss. However when combined with the right workout + nutrition protocol, Red Light Therapy acts like jet fuel with our patients weight loss. 92.5% of people who do our 6 Week Weight Loss program lose 20 lbs!

How long will the Red Light Therapy Results last?

Our Red Light Results will vary from patient to patient, mostly predicted by the commitment of the patient to their goals. If a patient maintains a healthy lifestyle — eating clean and keeping up with a regular exercise program — results can be long-term.

Don’t believe it?

We get it! Even our founder Joe Carabase was skeptical of this type of treatment at first, but there’s an overwhelming amount of research showing the effectiveness of red light therapy for body contouring – over 50,000 studies conducted on the effectiveness of Red Light Therapy And we’ve experienced incredible results from hundreds of our patients. Plus, we offer our You Lose Today or We Pay Guarantee where if you don’t lose any inches, you get your intro treatment free!

Where Is D-Fine Mind & Body Wellness located?

Our location is the entire lower level of 99 Citizens Drive. You’ll walk through a beautiful sidewalk towards a sliding door and our front door. Please come through the front door and enter our lobby which is the very first room on the right (directly visible through the double doors!).

Did we answer all your questions/concerns regarding Red Light Therapy? If not, please email us and we’ll be happy to help :).


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