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We Help Busy People Lose Fat Fast & Keep It Off For Good

With over 17+ years of coaching experience and the latest, non-invasive technology help our patients make lasting changes inside/out and start seeing results from Day 1.

For immediate results that are long lasting, your program needs 5 components:


You can train as hard as you can relentlessly and eat super clean, but if your physical and mental/emotional well-being is not good, not only will you never appreciate all that hard work but at some point, your internal or external system will break down.

We help our patients recover from the rigors of everyday life through stress management, improving sleep, compression therapy, tissue work, stretching, and tapping into their inner fitness.


The perception is that you need to train as hard as possible for as long as possible all the time. This is simply not true. The key factor to a successful routine is frequency, not intensity.

We program workout plans for our patients that are realistic and easy to follow no matter how fit or unfit you are and no matter how chaotic your schedule is. We help you optimize your training regimen to not just get results but learn how to make fitness a part of your lifestyle.


When it comes to eating, people wrongly assume they “don’t have the discipline to eat right.” Yet, the real issue is that you were never taught how to eat for your body and for your goals.

We help our patients learn to eat clean for life by helping you understand how much to eat for your goals and for your body (which changes according to the season). Most people struggle with stuff like cravings, eating on the go, and GI issues, so we work closely with our patients to equip them with the knowledge and tools to make better (not perfect) decisions.


Too much or too little cardio can make or break your routine. If programmed correctly, cardio can be an extremely effective way to burn fat without too much strain.

You don’t have to run for 45 minutes or be able to sprint. In fact, many of our patients can only do low impact activities. Like everything else, there is no one-size-fits-all approach so we work directly with our patients to find the right amount for you.

Red Light Laser Body Contouring

Unlike ultrasound, radiofrequency, laser light, and freezing, LED-based therapies do not cause cellular damage. In fact, LED light has been shown to promote a natural response within cells based on the wavelength of the light energy used and the type of cell it reaches.

Our concentrated red light therapy breaks up the fat molecules under the skin so that your lymphatic system can excrete the fat through the digestive process or be used as energy. This results in a body fat reduction of inches from your target areas, slimming and reshaping body lines while tightening and toning loose skin.

Our Red Light Therapy provides a proven and safe shortcut to rapid fat loss. Imagine you wanted to go from Connecticut to Florida. There are many ways to get there but most likely you would either drive or fly. Driving would take you 24+ hours whereas you could land within 2.5 hours from flying. Our light therapy is the equivalent of flying as you’ll get to your destination faster.

If you want tighter skin, less inflammation, and a healthier waistline, but don’t want to wait or take the chance on cosmic surgery then we have the natural solution for you!

Get fast results, no downtime, and no risks! See for yourself and sign up for our intro special today!