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  • Comfort/emotionally centered?
  • Love/Hate-mentally centered?
  • Fuel/physically centered?

Emotionally Centered

  • Using food for comfort 
  • Generally adopted at an early age 
  • Where you generally turn when chaos kicks in
  • Associated with sadness and apathy 

Mentally Centered

  • In your head about eating 
  • Concerned every “dirty” bite will add lbs to the scale
  • Associated with guilt and shame

Physically Centered 

  • Transactional 
  • Food = fuel 
  • Common beliefs: 

         ○ Dirty food is bad 

         ○ It has to be hard 

  • Associated with anger and resentment 

Food & Parts of You 

  • Your relationship with your food is generally the result of a “primary” part of  you
  • Can be either be leveraged as feedback for growth or leveraged as Self  Sabotage to stay stuck

Food & Parts of You 

  • When the part of you inside gets loud, making you feel bad about your efforts  know that its Self Sabotage kicking in and that its totally normal.
  • The louder this internal voice gets, the more likely you are on track.

Food & Parts of You 

  • Next time you find yourself stuck in an old pattern or behavior that reflects  your primary relationship with food, ask yourself: 

        ○ What part of me is this right now? 

        ○ Treat that part of you like you would a kid crying for attention, be emphatic and curious.

        ○ Aim for objectivity NOT judgement. 

        ○ Remember, this is a process.

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