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– high sodium?

– high fat?

– Artificial sweeteners?  which don’t get counted as carbs but should be mentioned on the label somewhere likely not in big bold font! ****

– long list of ingredients?

***artificial sweeteners: my main issue with them is that these are man made to taste good and slip under the radar of food labels. These are designed to be addictive so you crave / eat more…

The body didn’t evolve to process fake sugars so what ends up happening is they don’t fully process and can disrupt your internal processes (digestion, metabolism, elimination, etc) / gut health…

Its really hard these days to know what’s healthy / what’s not…

The key is to be curious and objectively question what’s in the food you eat …especially if it tastes really good but the carb count is low.

Or if you’re too busy, dm me I can get you hooked up with a meal plan designed for your goals!

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