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I’m fired the F off baby, just got back from gymnastics with Maeve and I’m blown away. It’s just incredible to see her being scared and apprehensive and holding on tight and just not wanting to be there. Then all of a sudden opening up, slowly but surely. And just seeing her natural instincts move ’cause that’s what we’re designed to do as humans. We adapt and adjust and then enjoy because she’s overcoming that challenge within.

I don’t care if you’re a toddler or you’re 85 years old or you’re 40 and you have any issues. It doesn’t matter. We are meant to move. Our body responds to challenging challenges. and if we don’t embrace this physical challenge we are letting a part of us die. So, we gotta get out there and we gotta get our kids moving. We gotta get our asses moving. And we gotta get as many people moving as possible. Because that is what makes you feel good inside, baby. You can’t feel good without movement

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