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When I was 18, I had my 5th grade teacher come up to me at a scholarship ceremony and tell me that I was never going to amount anything. I went on to build a $1 million business. Gave the opportunity to many to create careers for themselves and their livelihoods. And help thousands of people among other successful businesses.

Not too long ago, about a year ago, I had a renowned bodybuilding coach tell me that I was six months away, if that at all if I wanted to even think about stepping on a stage. I went on to get my pro card in less than 13 weeks.

My point of all of this is that we don’t need to prove them wrong. You need to prove yourself right. It’s in you. Whatever it is that you wanna do- It is in you. You don’t need anybody else’s permission. You don’t need anybody else’s approval.

All you gotta do is allow it for yourself. Give yourself the opportunity. Have the faith, not the fear. The fear will be there, and the fear is fuel. Let it be there but don’t let them stop you, baby. Get action on it.

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